4F X Beijing 2022 Olympic Collection Video Series
Few months ago we've finished this big project for 4F - polish manufacturer of professional sportswear. It's a series of technical videos, prepared for each product in the Olympic collection. And one promotional video featuring several products in one piece: 
Closer look at our process
STEP 1. Concept
The client made a promotional photo session of their products in Iceland. We took this information as a starting point for our films. Then we wanted to combine the beautiful icy nature with the technical side of these clothes. Therefore, we came up with the idea of a technologically advanced research laboratory that tests clothes in difficult conditions. The laboratory could generate all kinds of weather conditions. In this way, we were able to show the beautiful nature that turned out to be displayed by the laboratory.
Photo: Paweł Fabjański (Shootme) // 4F Press Materials
Enviro and Laboratory concepting/modelling process
STEP 2. Getting clothes in 3d
We received clothes for digitization from the client. We scanned the clothes by photogrammetry. We handed over the scans to our modeling department, who will perform retopology, modeling and shading.
Clothes modelling process
STEP 3. Animation, simulation, editing
Once we had the general concept and 3d models, it was time for real creative fun.
Each of the clothes needed its own history, information about the technologies used, and an individual approach.

And at the same time, all of them had to have a similar beginning and end.
We used a lot of animation techniques. Fluid simulation. Fabric simulation. It was a great challenge to work on the animation in this project:
STEP 4. Rendering / Compositing
Rendering such great scenes was also quite a challenge. Eventually, we came up with the idea to render our lab to the HDRi map, thanks to which we significantly speeded up internal renders.
HDRI map of laboratory
Final look of all of the clothes created in this project
Few additional shots on one of the model
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