Showcasing 3D scans of products in on-site showroom.
Recently, we had the great pleasure of creating very unique content for DECATHLON Polska as part of a campaign promoting the opening of a new showroom in Warsaw. As part of our cooperation, we prepared numerous 3D scans of Kiprun shoes, which were then used to prepare a spectacular application presented on special Digitall Concept screens giving the illusion of a hologram.​​​​​​​
Animation of Kiprun KD900 showcasing it's build and fexibility.
Using 3D scanning techniques we've prepared a great variety of shoe models visualisations and their color variants.
Working along Digitall Concept (provider of the hologram devices) we've created a unique expirience for store visitors. Our 3D animations were shown on interactive screens.
Presentation of the device in the store.
Functionality of the device - animated background, searching through available products, scanning products to gain more information about it.
Client: DECATHLON Polska | Digitall Concept
3D content provider: Storyboat

Storyboat Team:

3D Scanning:  Robert Solawa
3D Modeling: Krzysztof Bańka, Mateusz Mielnicki, Jakub Adamski
Rigging: Jakub Adamski
3D Animation: Robert Solawa, Mateusz Mielnicki, Jakub Adamski, Weronika Kulis
Lighting: Mateusz Mielnicki, Weronika Kulis
2D Animation: Robert Solawa, Weronika Kulis
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