Ghostrunner 2 - 3d animation for trailers
Throughout much of this year, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our friends from Tato Studio and The Beast on the creation of the upcoming trailers for the fantastic game Ghostrunner 2. 

Our work primarily involved rigging, animation, cloth simulation and directing the motion of the main characters in the trailers. Our part of the work was crafted using Blender. Subsequently, we exported these elements to Unreal Engine for lighting, VFX, and rendering.
Ghostrunner 2 -  Trailer 1
Bike RIG showcase
First trailer focused on showcasing a new game feature - the motorcycle. Here we present a simple rig for this asset. 
Bike has to have cyberpunk vibe to it, needs to be rather stiff and rigid in motion​​​​​​​
Ghostrunner 2 -  Trailer 2
Second trailer was focused around villains.
Each of them was given a dedicated scene for their introduction, offering a glimpse into their roles.
Madhu animation evolution
Ahriman from reference video to final render
CyberZombies animation
Ghostrunner 2 -  Trailer 3
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