Audioteka Multiverse
3D animation commercial for audiobook company

Client: Audioteka
Producer: Badi Badi
Director: Tomek Niedźwiedź

Commercial campaign log-line:

Step into the world of well-told stories. 
Thousands of audiobooks at your fingertips! Let yourself be swept away on a journey through the wild multiverse.

In recent months, we worked for Badi Badi Postproduction and Animation Studio to create high-quality commercial for Audioteka. This partnership involved a seamless integration of our expertise and resources, combining our creative vision and technical skills to bring the project to life and showcase the unique features and benefits of Audioteka.

In this project, our responsibilities encompassed a range of creative tasks. We were responsible for preparing character models, animating/posing the characters and some of the concept art. 

The characters we worked on included the intro/outro listener character, the antagonist from the crime story scene, the adventurous protagonist, and the book witch. We prepared a virtual casting of each character for the client to ensure the embodiment of their artistic vision in the video.

After casting was completed, our role was to breathe life into these characters, ensuring they captivate the audience through their appearance, movements, and overall presence.

Casting for the antagonist from the crime story scene.

Concept art for witch based on available clothing assets.

3D model of the witch - posed and animated.
Character creations and posing to the scenes (Adventure Girl didn't make it to the final version)

In addition to our previous responsibilities, we also worked on the look development, camera animation, and lighting for the first two scenes of the project: the intro/outro and the crime story scene. Our role involved creating the visual atmosphere, setting the mood, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. 

Furthermore, we were responsible for the rendering of the entrusted scenes, ensuring that the final output met the desired quality standards.

Working on this project has been an incredibly interesting and enjoyable experience for us.

Cerative team at Storyboat:
Jakub Adamski
Krzysztof Bańka
Andrzej Baziak
Marta Czech
Weronika Kulis
Mateusz Mielnicki
Robert Solawa
Natalia Solewska

Thank you!
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